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  • Parisio Street, Sliema, MALTA


Introduction Meeting

Before departing to Malta, participant will receive a welcome e-mail from the MVC staff with the online introduction meeting link and details.
In fact, an online meeting to provide important info, will be held some days before the arrival to Malta.

MVC staff will have a short individual chat with each participant to verify the English level and the background. This wll help with the workplacement research.

In the event of this onlne meeting, participants will have also the chance to ask questions and to clarify any doubt about all the aspects of the mobility experience.


Medical Kit

It is highly suggested that on advise of your family doctor in your Country, you travel to Malta with your personal Covid19 medicines kit. This becuase in case of Covid infection, you can use your medicines (i.e. eventual antibiotics, steroids, etc…) which you are not allowed to buy in Malta without a Maltese medical prescription and Malta has different medical protocol to treat Covid.

What to bring

Towels and Sheets

You have to take care of your own bed sheets and towels, which will not be provided from Malta Vocational Centre especially because of COVID-19 issues, so everyone has his/her own personal intimate things.