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Monitoring and Tasks

Participants have to know that once started to work, they have to understand, listen and learn about the new company and their placement role. Once the participant has started to work at the respective company, should not consider to change or complain about the work placement if at least 2 to 3 weeks have passed.

While we understand the difficulties face at a start of a new internship, we cannot consider changes unless, there are serious problems affecting the participant personally, emotionally or psychologically. If any of the above occurs, we will start a procedure to verify also with the company about the situation with the trainee.
MVC staff is constantly in contact with the companies for monitoring of tasks, skills, improvements and so on.

As well a link will be sent to participants through e-mail; this consist of tasks to be listed of what have been achieved at their respective company, so that it will be written down on the Europass Mobility certificate. The link will be sent to the participants about 2 weeks before the termination of the project.